1st grade must read book suggestions
great book list Get your fourth grader excited about reading by selecting the perfect book. It is worth investigation and spending time to find a book your child will love. Reading for leisure should be fun this list is our "Must Read" book list for 4th Graders."
Enjoy. Nicky (book lover, educatior and mom)
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first grade reading tipsFourth Grade Readers:

4th graders need encouragement, inspiration and motivation to read. The key for this age group is to make it enjoyable!

Even though your child is getting older, still put some time aside so you can sit down with your child and listen to him/her read out loud and alternate reading to your 4th grader. Use this time for quality not quantity and remember at this age their attention span is not very long. At the most, you will want your child to spend fifteen to twenty minutes every evening or they will become distracted and lose focus. A child’s eagerness and willingness to read will entice them actively seek out books and novels to enjoy.

Also, at this stage of reading it will be important to discuss vocabulary, as he builds his library of new words and ask your child what the words mean. Have him explain a new word that you may encounter in a sentence. Some strategies would be to break words into syllables or parts and it is a great way for them to remember these new words. This will greatly help increase your child’s knowledge and dramatically improve their confidence.

Some very popular 4th grade books are Stone Fox, a short children's novel by John Reynolds Gardiner, or The Lightning Thief, the first novel in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, or how about Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume, the first book in a very whimsical and funny five book series.